Our History

Scarpat was purchased over 25 years ago by our parents, John and Pat Rawlinson. Most of the buildings were in a very bad state of repair having suffered a fire and left to ruin. Brambles completely covered the area. There was no electricity or water and camping was the only option. Once we had the basics up and running, the renovation of the barn was the first major project and we have gradually restored the rest of the complex over the years. Many a summer holiday has been spent strimming, digging, building and plastering, eating lots, drinking lots and getting to know the locals! The swimming pool was built in 2005. Work on the middle house (the gite) began in 2006 and is now complete. The farmhouse is the final project, but we're taking a break for now.
A massive thanks to many of our friends and family who have put the effort in to Scarpat over the years. An extra special thanks to mum and dad for giving us the vision and the madness to want to continue with our great, big place in France!
Pete, Matt and Helen

John Rawlinson, the day he found Scarpat, 1987. This is the back of the barn and gite.

Patricia Rawlinson, that same day, and just where the swimming pool now sits.

Front view of the barn, 1987

The gite, hidden under brambles, 1987

The farmhouse with new cross ties holding it all together, 1988